About our artist

Thanjavurpaintings.com sells paintings created by Mr.V.Mohan of Chennai and his co-artists. From a very young age, Mr.Mohan was interested in arts and initially took up painting as a hobby. This hobby turned into passion, when he came across the art of Thanjavur Paintings. He learnt all about this art from great gurus of Thanjavur Paintings. For the last 10 years he has been creating paintings on order.

Mr.Mohan takes great care in creating his paintings and they are known for their overall beauty, intricate work and choice of colours. Mr.Mohan feels that his creations are works of art. While they are for sale, he does not believe in being totally commercial.

Mr.Mohan has more than 3000 paintings to his credit. His paintings were displayed in leading exhibitions in Chennai. His paintings decorate many prayer rooms in homes and offices all over India and the world. Quite a large number of his clients are from USA, UK, Europe, Japan and Middle East. He takes pride in the fact that most of his clients have come through references and have placed repeat orders with him.

He is teaching Thanjavur Paintings to those interested in it and has taught about 500 students.

Planet Venus, an export company promoted by Mr.T.Radhakrishnan, who himself was an NRI for over 15 years, has teamed up with Mr.Mohan in this endeavour to sell Thanjavur Paintings through the web. This site is basically to help people see the paintings from the convenience of their homes and order well in advance so that they will be able to get the paintings of their choice created to their specifications.

We at Thanjavurpaintings.com assure you that each and every painting is created with great care and attention to details. Our sole aim is to offer paintings to your absolute satisfaction.

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