We are thankful to the numerous Thanjavur Painting lovers who inspired us to design this website for them. In our research of Thanjavur Paintings, we discovered a lot of historical facts about this art and about our ancient culture. It is our fervent hope that this website will help preserve a part of our heritage for posterity.

Our thanks to the team at PRAPANA.COM for creating the website and for the enthusiastic cooperation extended by them in incorporating our requirements.

Shri. S. Gopalakrishna Sastrigal
We thank VEDALAKSHANA VIDWAN MANNARGUDI BRAHMASHREE S.Gopalakrishna Sastrigal for the selection and recitation of the "slokas" and for agreeing to be associated with the site as a Consultant

Ms.Devi Amrita
Our thanks to Ms.Devi Amrita for her excellent visuals and digital imaging presented in the site.

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