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India is a country rich in her heritage. Our rich and colourful heritage, the soul of this great country, bestows on us our, own special identity, anywhere in the world. Balakrishna

Arts & crafts are one very important aspect of our heritage. Each era has produced an art form unique to itself in expressing its beliefs and hopes. Thanjavur paintings of the maratha period are a part of this rich art milieu. Today, this art is kept alive by a few hundred dedicated artists mostly based in Tamil Nadu - India.

Traditional yet Contemporary. Colourful to lift your spirits yet sublime to enhance spirituality. Divine in a prayer room, classy & elegant in other places. As gifts, unique and just beyond compare. That's Thanjavur Painting for you.

We now take you on a voyage of discovery into the mystical world of Thanjavur Paintings.
Please enter through the Temple Doors. Welcome aboard!

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