This is the welcome page for the site. This page gives you an introduction about Thanjavur Paintings. Home page contains 3 temple gopurams with doors. The doors lead you to different pages.
Door1 will lead you to the "About Thanjavur Paintings" page.
Door2 will lead you to "Gallery" page.
Door3 will lead you to "Catalogue" page.
Two menus are given in all the pages. The top menu is arranged in the logical order. The menu at the bottom is arranged in the alphabetical order. By clicking on the links, you can go to the respective pages.


Your are in the Site Map page now! This page gives brief information about all the pages in this site.

About Thanjavur Paintings

This page gives you all the details about Thanjavur paintings. This page has three sections.
What is it? section gives details about Thanjavur paintings, their shapes and uniqueness.
History & Evolution gives us the history of Thanjavur Paintings, kings who supported Thanjavur Paintings, the people who practice this art, the period of evolution and historical evidences.
How it is made? This section tells us how Thanajvur Paintings are created. The canvas types, colour combinations, frames used, etc.


Selected paintings of deities are displayed in the Gallery Page. Click on the deity name and goto the painting. The deities give darshan with a sloka in the background and a screen opening in the foreground.


Catalogue page has the collection of all the paintings that THANJAVURPAINTINGS.COM offers. Paintings are organised deity-wise in small sizes. When you click on a deity, it will lead to a page containing the entire collection of paintings of that particular deity. When you move your mouse over a painting, the minimum size for the painting will appear in the screen. Click on a painting to zoom it to full size.

Picture of the month

New paintings are released every month. A special painting will be named as the picture of the month and it will be displayed in this page.

Where to use?

Thanjavur Paintings can be used in pooja rooms, front offices. This page tells us, where we can use Thanjavur Paintings.

Price List

Prices of paintings in standard sizes, inclusive of frames, are given in this page. Users can choose the sizes fitting into their budgets.

Order Form

In this page, we can order paintings online. Select the Painting Name, required size & the frame type. The price will be displayed in the Price column. Thumbnail View of the selected Painting is also given. Total no. of paintings selected and the cost of the same are displayed at the end of the table.
After selecting the required painting(s), Purchaser's details and delivery address have to be entered. If the paintings are to be gifted by you to your friends/relatives, THANJAVURPAINTINGS.COM will send a greeting card with your "Gift message" to the delivery address, without any extra cost.
Order summary with the "Cost of Paintings", "Freight" and "Total cost" is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Click on the ORDER button to order the paintings. Read the "Please Note" section thoroughly, before clicking the ORDER button.


This page lists the variety of services offered by THANJAVURPAINTINGS.COM

Contact us

This pages gives the contact details of THANJAVURPAINTINGS.COM in INDIA & USA.


The profile of our artist and details about "PLANET VENUS" are given here.

Guest Book

Fill in the details and become a registered user of THANJAVURPAINTINGS.COM.


This page gives a brief about the people who made all this possible.

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